When Mendeley bibliography duplicates instead of refreshing Check…

When Mendeley bibliography duplicates instead of refreshing.

Check whether the following option is set in Word 2007:
Office button->Word Options->Advanced->General->Confirm file format conversion on open


Mendeley is a very nice reference manage …

Export aggregated annotations from Mendeley.

Mendeley is a very nice reference manager. It has many useful features but still some are missing, e.g. aggregating and exporting annotations of the selected references.
Fortunately, Mendeley uses sqlite to store the data. In linux, the data is stores in the ~/.local/share/data/Mendeley Ltd./Mendeley Desktop directory.
Open the sqlite file starting with your Mendeley id with a sqlite tool, then you can extract the annotations to a file.

Here is an example. It exports all notes (annotations) in a folder named ‘Lab’.
This is a rudimentary sql but it will give you the idea how it works. You may want to edit it depending on your needs.

Also it is possible to connect the sqlite database from Excel and import the data directly into Excel, which may be more useful. I haven’t tried it by myself, though.

select i.citationKey, i.title, i.note,
from (
        select, d.citationKey, d.title, n.note
	from Documents as d
	join FileNotes as n
	on n.documentId =
	) as i
	(select df.folderId,, df.documentid 
		from Folders as f
		join DocumentFolders as df
		on = df.folderId
	) as i2
on = i2.documentid
where = 'Lab'