Nested Tmux command Screen vim + gnu screen…

Nested Tmux command.

Screen (vim + gnu screen/tmux) is a great tool for vim that split the pane and send vim buffer to
another pane. (Link:

However, when used the plugin in tmux session, the tmux sessions are nested then the command
is not working properly. Then setting a send prefix in .tmuxrc will solve the nested problem.

Command Sequence for Nested Tmux Sessions

Often I’ll run a multiplexer inside another multiplexer and need a command sequence to send things to the inner session. In Screen, this could be accomplished using C-a a . This doesn’t work out of the box in tmux, but can be fixed with a little configuration.

bind-key a send-prefix



Quick round up of tmux commands Command line…

Quick round up of tmux commands

Command line options
List session and attach a session

tmux ls
tmux attach -t target_session

Kill a session

tmux kill-session -t target_session

In tmux session,
Ctrl-b c: create a new window
Ctrl-b s: list sessions
Ctrl-b w: list windows
Ctrl-b &: kill the current window
Ctrl-b x: kill the current pane
Ctrl-b d: detach from the current session


tmux The terminal multiplexer In simple words it…

tmux; The terminal multiplexer. In simple words, it divides a terminal into many sessions, windows and panes. An interesting usage is the session can be detached and re-attached, which is very useful to connect remotely. Because unexpected disconnection does not kill the process running. Also, dividing a terminal window into many panes is convenient when connected through PuTTy to maximize the screen real estate.

Nice summary of commands and keys can be found here.

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