rencontre aubenas 07200 Sumatra is a tool for managing and tracking projects based on numerical simulation and/or analysis, with the aim of supporting reproducible research. It can be thought of as an automated electronic lab notebook for computational projects.

news It consists of:

lieu de rencontre gay amiens a command-line interface, smt, for launching simulations/analyses with automatic recording of information about the experiment, annotating these records, linking to data files, etc.
a web interface with a built-in web-server, smtweb, for browsing and annotating simulation/analysis results.
a Python API, on which smt and smtweb are based, that can be used in your own scripts in place of using smt, or could be integrated into a GUI-based application.
Sumatra is currently alpha code, and should be used with caution and frequent backups of your records.

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Sumatra is a tool for managing and tracking…
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