rencontre imaginaire broceliande Setting the width of a column to make the text wrapped in LaTeX. \begin{center} \begin{tabular}{ | l | l | l | p{5cm} |} \hline Day & Min Temp & Max Temp & Summary \\ \hline Monday & 11C & 22C & A clear day with lots of sunshine. However, the strong breeze will bring down the temperatures. \\ \hline Tuesday & 9C & 19C & Cloudy with rain, across many northern regions. Clear spells across most of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but rain reaching the far northwest. \\ \hline Wednesday & 10C & 21C & Rain will still linger for the morning. Conditions will improve by early afternoon and continue throughout the evening. \\ \hline \end{tabular} \end{center} from

Setting the width of a column to make th …
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