rsync snapshot backup using link dest option The…

rsync snapshot backup using –link-dest option.

The rsync option –link-dest is very useful for Timemachine like snapshop backup.
It compares the source with the files in the –link-dest then if the files were not changed make a hard link to them. So without using extra drive space, it can keep the snapshop copy.
When the sync source is a Samba drive, sometimes the –link-dest option does not work as expected because of the permission difference, especially the -a (archive) option is used.
The -a option is composite of -rltpgoD options.
By removing the permission (-p) check, if it’s alright, the –link-dest works properly.

rsync -rltgoDvzhH --progress -e ssh --link-dest=/home/user/dest1 source/ dest2/

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