this contact form Getting names while applying sapply or lapply in R.
sapply or lapply extract the element without the row name.
So this code does not work. par(mfrow = c(4,4)) sapply(names(score.avg) , function(x) { plot(x , type = 'l' ); title(main=names(x)) })

empagliflozin canada In order to use the row names while applying sapply or apply,
pass the names of the list to a function and call the values using the names.

par(mfrow = c(4,4)) sapply( phrase humoristique pour site de rencontre names(score.avg) , function(x) { xlength <- length(score.avg[[x]]); plot(-499:(xlength-499-1), score.avg[[x]] , type = 'l' , xlab='Distance from TSS', ylab='score' # , xlim=c(-100,100) ); title(main=x, cex.main=0.85); })

Getting names while applying sapply or l …
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