free gay chat random Quick and easy submission of R on Sun Grid Engine Easiest way to submit R jobs

rencontres athl├ętisme cycle 3 Here are two scripts and a symlink I created to make it easy as possible to submit R jobs to your Grid: qsub-R

important link If you normally do something along the lines of: user@exec:~$ nohup nice R CMD BATCH toodles.R
Now all you need to do is:

user@submit:~$ qsub-R toodles.R
Your job 3540 (“toodles.R”) has been submitted
qsub-R is linked to submit-R, a script I wrote. It calls qsub and submits a simple shell wrapper with the R file as an argument. It ends up in the queue and eventually your output arrives in the current directory: toodles.R.o3540

Download it and install it. You’ll need to make the ‘qsub-R’ symlink to ‘3rd_party/uoa-dos/submit-R’ yourself, although there is one in the package already for lx24-x86: qsub-R.tar (10 KiB, tar)

Quick and easy submission of R on Sun…
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