Diff sort output diff

Diff sort output.

diff <(sort file1) <(sort file2)

Change the order of discrete axis Generate a…

Change the order of discrete axis.

Generate a factor with reversed levels or use a new ggplot2 option.


df$X1 = with(df, factor(X1, levels = rev(levels(X1))))

  1. Reverse the order of a discrete-valued axis
  2. Get the levels of the factor
flevels <- levels(PlantGrowth$group)
  1. "ctrl" "trt1" "trt2"
  2. Reverse the order
flevels <- rev(flevels)
  1. "trt2" "trt1" "ctrl"
bp + scale_x_discrete(limits=flevels)


Set a graph size in dot graph ratio=auto…

Set a graph size in dot.

graph [ratio=auto, page=”8,11″]


Selecting objects in Inkscape Method 1 Hold down…

Selecting objects in Inkscape.

Method 1. Hold down Shift key and use the mouse to click on each object to be selected.

Method 2. Select by colour.

  • CTRL F for a new menu panel.

-drag colour selection from lower colour bar and drop into Style in the new menu panel as shown below.

  • click on Find.
  • All items of the selected colour are now highlighted.

Also you may notice the colour changes to a number in the style box.

Method 3. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and drag mouse through items to be selected.
When Alt is held down a red line will be visible, making it easier to select the chosen path.


Nested Tmux command Screen vim + gnu screen…

Nested Tmux command.

Screen (vim + gnu screen/tmux) is a great tool for vim that split the pane and send vim buffer to
another pane. (Link:

However, when used the plugin in tmux session, the tmux sessions are nested then the command
is not working properly. Then setting a send prefix in .tmuxrc will solve the nested problem.

Command Sequence for Nested Tmux Sessions

Often I’ll run a multiplexer inside another multiplexer and need a command sequence to send things to the inner session. In Screen, this could be accomplished using C-a a . This doesn’t work out of the box in tmux, but can be fixed with a little configuration.

bind-key a send-prefix



Slopegraph in R Slopegraph shows the change of…


Slopegraph in R. Slopegraph shows the change of the quantity or rank.

Beautiful slopegraph example.

Theory of slopegraph.

An R and ggplot2 code example of slopegraph

R Example code.

Generate sample data

a <- data.frame(go = LETTERS[1:10], enrich = runif(10, 0, 10))
b <- data.frame(go = LETTERS[1:10], enrich = runif(10, 0, 10))
a <- cbind(a, status ='before')

b <- cbind(b, status = 'after')
ab.melt <- rbind(a, b)

Add an offset column for label positioning

ab.melt <- transform(ab.melt, offset = c(rep(2, times = 10), rep(-2, times = 10)))

ggplot(data = ab.melt, aes(x = status, y = enrich)) + geom_line(aes(group = go, colour = go)) + geom_text(aes(label = go, hjust = offset, colour = factor(go)))

R function matching a function argument against candidate…

R function matching a function argument against candidate values.

match.arg(arg, choices, several.ok = FALSE)

arg = match.arg(arg)

How to rank data in R rank a…

How to rank data in R.


Then how to rank the data in reverse order?


Vim folding tips zf create a manual fold…

Vim folding tips.
zf: create a manual fold
zd: remove a manual fold
zM: overview
zR: detail
zo: open fold
zc: close fold

:mkview save fold
:loadview load fold


View very large images http zoom it

View very large images.